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Apr 23 2012
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Ron Dias EP Cover and Track-listing and DOWNLOAD LINK RT AND REBLOG!

DOWNLOAD RON DIAS EP CLICK HERE http://www.mediafire.com/?heacd9973h4sd64

1. MARLON’S INTRO  (Prod. by Ron Dias)

2. PUBLIC APOLOGY (Prod. by Daniel Daley & Ron Dias) ft. T-Sean

3. NEVER LET UP (Produced by Nineteen85) ft. Shi Wisdom & Luu Breeze

4. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ME (Produced by Nineteen85) ft. Daniel Daley

5. LAY ME DOWN (Produced by Ron Dias) ft. O’Sound, Daniel Daley & Mark Mckay

6. I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME (Produced by Daniel Daley & Ron Dias)

    HOME (BONUS) (Produced by Ron Dias)

Every thing’s Possible

This EP is dedicated to whoever tried to bring me down, I realize now it was because you 

were  always below me.

Art Design by Zahra Siddi & Ron Dias

Special Thanks to GOD,

Daniel Daley, Nineteen85, Marlon Palmer, Luu Breeze, Shi Wisdom, Jack Flawless„ Mark Mckay, O’Sound, Brenda Ha, 

The Real Trixx, SlynkyDaSlyGuy, Laith,  and last but not least …. your Mom!




Everything’s Possible